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The Purrfect House

For Your Cat

100% Environmentally Friendly

Thoroughly Tested & Lasts Over 2 Years

Includes a Much Loved Scratching Pad

Re-foldable So You Can Take It With You

Beautiful Scandinavian Design

To accessorize Your Home

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Purrfect


For Your




Your Cat’s Personal Kingdom

Cats, being predators by nature, need a place to hide and be able to observe their surroundings without being disturbed or noticed.

Through extensive testing and development we have created a perfect product for your precious feline to play, hide, nap or observe their kingdom from. With no compromises on the design or eco-friendliness. Your kitty will love it.

FREE Scratching Pad Inside Every House

Each house comes with a thoroughly tested and very-much-loved scratching pad (scratcher).

Now your cat will finally leave your furniture alone and do his intense scratching sessions inside his personal house.

Easily Assembled and 100% Environmentally Friendly

Petbo assemblySlide thumbnail

Watch this video to learn how to assemble a Petbo playhouse

Petbo houses are 100% environmentally friendly, sturdy and resistant. Your furry friend can throw a party in it and it will still look great, even years after purchase.

It arrives in an easy to assemble flat-pack. You can put it together in less than one minute and fold it again whenever you travel or move.

See What Others Have Said About Petbo


Jennie McInerney MRCVS (veterinary surgeon)

“I treat a lot of cats for stress related diseases and always advise how important it is to increase your cat’s access to private areas, especially if there are other pets in the home. It’s so important for their well being to have their own resting place and a hiding place to be comfortable in that simulates their natural environment. I fully recommend Petbo playhouses for this purpose. They provide a place of solace with an added scratch pad to further enrich their habitat. A simple solution to relieve feline stress, which as a veterinary practitioner I see as a very common problem.”



“Petbo has been an awesome addition to our house. It’s stylish design complements our home decor nicely. Our cats can’t get enough of their cozy hideaway, which also has their go-to scratchpad.” .



“I LOVE the Petbo playhouse! My cat adores it too. Not only it looks cool in my apartment but my little friend gets to hang out and play in his own space. It has a really cool design and my pet feels like he’s posh :)” .



“Nellie loves to hide and enjoy her alone time in Petbo. The scratching pad inside is her new favorite toy. Its also her favorite vantage point to launch surprise attacks on her toys and my feet.” .

Order now and get a FREE scratching pad and 30 day kitty satisfaction guarantee*


All Petbo houses for cats come with a 30-day full guarantee. If you feel that this cat house does not add value to your home or to your precious furry friend, the only thing you need to do is to send it back to us and we will transfer you the full amount. That is how sure we are you and your pet will love it.

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We create beautiful houses for cats that are well designed, environmentally friendly and affordable.

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